Oct. 7, 2022

Which Used Cars Are Most Reliable

If you're in the market for a new car, then it might be time to take a look at the diverse market of used vehicles instead. Used cars can be a better deal, and often have less to little on the clock in terms of mileage and wear. Why are you buying a new car? Reliability is the most common answer to this. Most people who want to buy a new car, want a reliable new car. One that drives well, handles comfortably, and isn't going to break down. There's a lot of reason why this can also describe what a used v

Which Used Cars Are Most Reliable

Used cars are a great choice for any driver who would say that reliability is one of their top reasons for wanting to make a buy. Used cars are reliable, and can be just as reliable as any new vehicle out there – sometimes even more. Buying used means being able to negotiate with the seller, and being able to buy a car that someone else might have been driving around for a while. If you choose the right used vehicle, you could drive it for a while more.

Used vehicles can be found in any condition, and often any model that you can imagine. It just takes some research to find the right one for you. Next, let's take a look at some of the elements of a good used car.

The Elements Of A Good Used Car

How do you know that you're looking at a good one?
The used vehicle market contains hundreds (if not thousands) of models that are put up for sale every day. Not all of them are good, and it's fair to say some of them are sure lemons. Start by taking someone with you when viewing vehicles. It's safer, and it helps if the second person is knowledgeable when it comes to cars. Here's which elements you should look at when searching for a good used car:


It's not difficult to find a used car with a body in good condition – but many people imagine that they would prefer a car that's in great condition. Remember that small dings or damage to the paint can be fixed with a simple respray (and the car can look just as good as new). Avoid major body flaws, but don't sweat the small stuff.


If you want to buy used, then you should always keep mileage in mind. High mileage isn't always great news, but it doesn't mean you should scratch the car you have in mind from your list. How the car was handled during this mileage is an important thing. Check the engine, and pay attention to the overall state of the car. A good 1, 000 miles is better than a bad 250.


A car's interior is a lot like the body: Don't worry about the smaller aspects. It's all mostly cosmetic, and a car's interior can always be redone if there's a prominent issue. Don't stare at the small things. Instead, look at the car's interior for more serious things like signs of moisture, smells, or mold. That's the kind of issue that should make you think twice about buying the car.

Service Booklet:

A service booklet should always be available with a used vehicle purchase. This shows you the potential history of the car – and not just how many times it might have been sent for a service, but also tells you how well the car was really taken care of. Think twice about any vehicle buys where the service booklet isn't available, or the car's service history doesn't look great.


Feel can tell a prospective buyer an incredible number of things about a car they might be interested in. See how the car handles if there's an opportunity. You'll soon notice if there are any sounds or motions you should take note of. Many smaller things can indicate either a smooth ride or something under the hood you should know about.

How To Get A Reliable Used Car Deal

Want to make sure you're getting the best deal possible on a car or model you've seen somewhere? Here's how:

  • Phone A Friend: It's always recommended to take along someone who knows a thing or two about cars. If possible, a knowledgeable family member, friend or even professional paid for their time can save you the chance of buying a lemon by accident.
  • Negotiate For Better: The used market doesn't have a set vehicle price – and while this means you can pay too much sometimes, it also means there are good deals. Used deals often allow room for negotiation on the listed price. Even if it's just a small cut off the price, you're still saving.
  • Always Shop Around: It's recommended to shop around for options. Don't choose the first car you see – and don't throw your money at the first thing that seems like a good buy. Bide your time instead, and you'll walk away with a better deal (guaranteed!).
  • Research Matters: If you've seen a specific make or model that you have your eye on, it's a good idea to do your research first. Check the year, check the model, check what other models of the same condition are going for on other websites. It's a shame to pay too much just because you didn't check-up.

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