Sept. 16, 2022

Best Used Cars With Low-Maintenance

Buying a new car is expensive, especially in today’s current economic climate. However, there is the option of buying a used car which can be more cost-effective. If you are looking to buy a used car, then buying a used car from a trusted used car dealership is the best option. Used car dealerships are required to sell you a reliable car that is fully roadworthy without any issues. Best Used Cars With Low-Maintenance...

Although you may not be able to get a car that still has its maintenance and/or service plan, the amount you save can make up for annual maintenance costs in the long run. It is important to have an idea of what cars are extremely reliable. This can prevent you from having to fork out money every time there is an issue. You want to avoid spending more money fixing a car if it would have been cheaper to buy a brand new one instead.

The Factors Taken into Consideration

There are three main factors that buyers must consider when looking to buy a used vehicle.

Fuel Efficiency

Does the used car or truck get good gas mileage? With rising fuel prices, you will want a vehicle with great fuel economy to make your dollars spent at the pump go further.


The next factor is the mileage that is on the used car. Avoid cars with high mileage as there will be more wear and tear on the car, and issues may arise which will prove to be more costly to fix as opposed to a brand-new vehicle without prior issues.

Repair Costs

Lastly, when buying a used car, you need to know how easy and costly it is when it comes time to fix the car or get an oil change. We suggest buying a used car with parts that are easily accessible, and relatively cheap. This being said, you will also want to consider the condition in which the previous owner of the vehicle has left the car in.

Which Cars Should You Look at?

There are a few cars that are known to meet the three criteria mentioned above. Some of the most reliable used cars and trucks include:

Toyota Corolla (1998 – 2017)

Toyota is a fantastic brand around the world as their cars are known to be fuel-efficient, have parts that are easily accessible, and will not come with a huge price tag. Corolla's are one of the most widely sold cars around the world at just over 44 million units sold since they were launched in 1966. Toyota Corolla has a strong, durable engine, that has proven to have few issues and limited servicing requirements.

Honda Civic (2001 – 2016)

Another popular brand among used car owners is Honda. Similar to Toyota, Honda has a great availability of parts across the world, and maintenance or repairs will not be too costly compared to other automakers such as BMW. The Honda Civic has progressed over the years, becoming one of the more fuel-efficient vehicles on the road. Part of this progression also includes Honda abandoning parts that come with replacement periods. This means the car will last longer and require less frequent maintenance than other makes and models.

Chevrolet Silverado (2003 – 2007)

The Chevrolet Silverado 2003 - 2007 models do not require intense labor to repair and maintain. In fact, the Chevrolet Silverado is known for its room around the engine which allows for easy engine repairs. The technology used in the making of the truck is also straightforward, making repairs and maintenance cost-effective. Parts are also easily accessible and sold at fair prices, making it a choice truck for those who want to spend little to no time maintaining and repairing the vehicle.

Nissan Altima (2008 – 2015)

The reliable Nissan Altima is a low-maintenance vehicle that is great for teen drivers. This car is cheap on parts as well as labor when it comes time for maintenance and repairs. The engine is strong and durable making it a car you can trust to not let you down. If something were to go wrong, car owners will not have to put huge amounts of money into the car to get the vehicle running properly again.

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